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The Bachelorette S8E4 with Emily Maynard

6 Jun

Emily jets off to Bermuda!

This week Emily, her boyfriends, and Ricki (!) go to beautiful Bermuda. They stay in the luxurious Rosewood Tucker’s Point resort / spa and the drama quickly starts to unfold. Arie’s jealous of Doug getting teh 1-1 date; Doug and Chris don’t think the other is fit for Emily; Ryan’s upset that Arie kissed Emily at last week’s rose ceremony, and Arie doesn’t think that Ryan’s in it for Emily.

The 1-1 Date: Despite his nerves Doug aces Emily’s 1-1. He leaves Emily both unsure of, and impressed by, his apparent perfection.

The Group Date: During the group date we start to realize what a dirt-bag Ryan is*, Arie gets lots of beach-sided kisses, and Jef earns himself the group-date rose.

*In case you didn’t know Ryan is God’s gift to women, he also likes the idea of having a beautiful trophy wife.

The 2-1 Date: Poor John and Nate have to go on a date together with Emily. John left with a rose and Nate left Bermuda.

Cocktail Party:

We find out that Emily day dreams about Arie; she feels very strongly about Sean, despite their short time together; Emily ponders that Doug might be “the most perfect man that God has put on this planet”; Ryan wants to be the next Bachelor and thinks that though Emily’s got potential he’s meant for greater things….

The Rose Ceremony:


Sean, Arie, Travis, Chris, Ryan, Kalon, Alejandro
*Doug, Jef, and John are already safe*

Charlie and Michael
*Nate was already sent home*

As always my full-blown recap will be on entertainista.com so check it out! 🙂

❤ RL