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Like: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

16 May

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Acting Chops:

I’ve seen the acting qualities of the cast come a long way as they find their groove together and just develop as actors. In particular I commend Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.  They have really progressed with their acting.

Kristen Stewart:

In the first few movies I really was bothered by Stewart’s acting chops. And yes, I had the bar high from reading the books like a fiend, but really I should be allowed to have the bar high for such a high profile movie. I found her portrayal of Balla as predominantly awkward instead of unsure.  The negatives weren’t balanced with Bella’s other positive qualities (like … hmm okay she was kind of annoying in the books to).  Anyways, to me it came across as if Stewart used to play Bella as a generality “awkward” instead of playing her with specificities. On top of this, her facial expressions were an ever constant lips-separated gaze / pout. Finally I really could not stand her vocals. I just have had a hard time getting past them. She grunts and moans and almost pants throughout the first film. I actually never realized how much Stewart’s voice hindered her performance until I watched the first movie in French; watching it in French made her performance far more enjoyable because there wasn’t all of that unnecessary breath work. 

In this movie however, she’s found her game. She’s less general, and has more intensions in her scenes (i.e. when she chooses to call Rosalie when Edward gets out of the car, you could see her thinking things through). Maybe it’s partially because her character has just developed more, she’s willing to fight against Edward for something she actually wants that doesn’t fully involve him.

… I still can’t get over that she cries over not getting laid, but that’s not Stewart’s fault, it’s the scripts. Also, I still don’t like her and Pattinson’s kissing scenes. They aren’t passionate, they don’t make me want to smooch someone, they’re just kind of uncomfortable to watch.

Taylor Lautner: I have never seen Lautner as a stronger actor throughout these films. Until now. It’s his little expressions that steal the scenes. His looks of poorly disguised disgust as Bella scarfs down some blood seem genuine and make the act that much more believable. His mini snarky look when he’s thinking that the foetus probably wants to eat someone is telling before Pattinson’s explanatory line even comes.
Bella’s Wedding Dress

the back of this dress is stunning, and perhaps reveals a bit of foreshadowing…

I thought that the wedding dress chosen was perfectly suited for Bella’s character. It fit Stewart perfectly and was sexy while still modest. The only thing that initially irked me is that it is such a mature style for someone who is still a teenager. But then I realized that is a reflection of Bella’s character who was always mature for her age (well at least compared to the other teens in Forks).

Make up

I hugely applauded the makeup department. I don’t know how much of Bella’s

the Makeup Department also skilfully created mystically beautiful creatures

transformation was computer generated but there were definite makeup components that need to be credited. Bella’s face looked sunken and sullen. Her chest bones were shadowed to show a cavernous form instead of her usual smooth fleshy build. Finally, her spine was exposed and protruding (reminiscent of  Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video) – again I don’t know if this was make up or CGI, but I would guess a minimum of both. Another interesting choice done by the Makeup Department was the specific decision to hire a contact lens technician—this made the vampire eyes believable, frightening, and beautiful in their own rights.

Camera movement

The camera is more kinetic in this film than others. Especially in the final scene where it swoops down along Bella’s body and creeps up to her face. We are in a tight close shot before her red-eyes pop open. The camera’s movements added tension, and even suspense, to the scene. It was silent (obviously) but incredibly powerful.

On the whole, I thought that the wolfy scenes were handled pretty well. But the one scene where (spoiler) Jacob rebels against Sam, “I will not! I am the grandson of a Chief…”, was just so aerosol-cheese-bad) that I actually had to pause and look away from the screen while I quietly laughed.


As Edward’s venom spreads throughout Bella’s body we get a CGI transformation. Kristen goes from a corps to an instant jealousy-inducing beauty.

While we’re talking about the wolves though, let’s give some gentle props to the CGI people, I loved when the wolves snarled, the raising of the skin on either sides of their noses was a realistic touch.

Another thumbs up to the CGI team is during Bella’s vampire transformation. I liked the scene where the venom started to spread through Bella’s body. Furthering this, I liked how once it was going through we saw her hair colour revive, her flesh refill itself, her makeup intensify, and the shadows on her face recede – nicely done!

Give me a little more Continuity

Bella’s body is wasting away yet  and she turns into somewhat of a skelator. Yet her engagement and wedding bands stay snugly on her finger…

Eye Candy

Foy: this 12-year-old is a knock out already. Watch out.

Baby baby baby… So in no particular order:

Taylor Lautner – opening few seconds and BOOM no shirt. They really were anxious to get that out there.

Robert Pattinson – okay there’s a whole gaggle of girls out there as you read who are just hacking away at their computers trying to hunt Edward Rob down.

Kellan Lutz – If I need to explain this or even comment more, you should probably stop reading this blog (only don’t).

Ashley Greene – “that chick from twilight” when coming from the lips of a guy, I am learning, usually does not refer to Kristen Stewart. They love her, and you know what, we all should! Besides the fact that I love how she plays Alice, she’s gorgeous. Koodos to her all around. Maybe it’s the way her eyes twinkle (Greene wears lash extensions), or the overall symmetry of her face; but she’s quickly becoming a much talked about actress.

Mackenzie Foy – the girl who’s the teen of Renesmee.  She is a natural beauty. Even though she was only in frame for a few seconds, she left a startling impact.

Kristen Stewart– both naturally beautiful (pre-knocked up Bella) and mystically beautiful (vampire transformation Bella).  Stewart is beautiful throughout all of the films, she really plays up that mysterious outsider; but when she begins her transformation into vampirhood she becomes painfully beautiful (watch out Rosalie, there’s a new beauty Queen in town).

Stewart is achingly beautiful