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Like: Brave

25 Jun

I had high hopes for Brave, mostly because I’ve loved the two most recent Disney Princess movies: Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. By not having a romantic plot line I thought that Disney / Pixar were going to push the envelope with this one but it just ended up being a predictable (though touching) plot without a great deal of character depth. The animation was beautiful and the 3D fun to watch, I just feel that they had the potential to make this film something truly unique. For a more indepth review check out my article on

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Saving Hope

25 Jun

Saving Hope features a largely Canadian cast

Anyone who knows me know’s I’m pretty enthusiastic about original Canadian programming. We’ve got many gems, Corner Gas, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Flashpoint, and now we have Saving Hope. I really think this new surgical Drama is going to be another win for Canadian television. Picked up by NBC it follows the sucessful Grey’s Anatomy structure (new patient-interaction plots per episode weaving through the overall plot; scandalous hospital behaviour) but does so with playful Canadian humour. For a larger read on CTV’s Saving Hope check out my article on

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The Bachelorette S8E4 with Emily Maynard

6 Jun

Emily jets off to Bermuda!

This week Emily, her boyfriends, and Ricki (!) go to beautiful Bermuda. They stay in the luxurious Rosewood Tucker’s Point resort / spa and the drama quickly starts to unfold. Arie’s jealous of Doug getting teh 1-1 date; Doug and Chris don’t think the other is fit for Emily; Ryan’s upset that Arie kissed Emily at last week’s rose ceremony, and Arie doesn’t think that Ryan’s in it for Emily.

The 1-1 Date: Despite his nerves Doug aces Emily’s 1-1. He leaves Emily both unsure of, and impressed by, his apparent perfection.

The Group Date: During the group date we start to realize what a dirt-bag Ryan is*, Arie gets lots of beach-sided kisses, and Jef earns himself the group-date rose.

*In case you didn’t know Ryan is God’s gift to women, he also likes the idea of having a beautiful trophy wife.

The 2-1 Date: Poor John and Nate have to go on a date together with Emily. John left with a rose and Nate left Bermuda.

Cocktail Party:

We find out that Emily day dreams about Arie; she feels very strongly about Sean, despite their short time together; Emily ponders that Doug might be “the most perfect man that God has put on this planet”; Ryan wants to be the next Bachelor and thinks that though Emily’s got potential he’s meant for greater things….

The Rose Ceremony:


Sean, Arie, Travis, Chris, Ryan, Kalon, Alejandro
*Doug, Jef, and John are already safe*

Charlie and Michael
*Nate was already sent home*

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Like: Snow White and the Huntsman

2 Jun

Charlize Theron is mesmerizing

Though I had higher hopes for this film it is still worth seeing. The cinematography has a well developed style, the costumes and hair are breathtaking, and we get bits of strong acting as well (especially through Charlize Theron).

Actors worth watching:

Charlize Theron — she won an oscar, this should come as no surprise. The woman’s gifted.

Chris Hemsworth — proving he’s more than just a (stunningly) beautiful face.

Sam Claflin — after this I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of him.

Kristen Stewart — her first big role since Bella, always worth investigating.

Important to note: this is Rupert Sanders‘ first credited movie as Director — wowzas!


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So You Think You Can Dance — LA Auditions

1 Jun

What I love about SYTYCD is that it’s always such a visceral experience. Even in the audition rounds. You laugh, your skin rises into goosebumps, and — when something’s truely beautiful — you can’t help but cry. Last episode had some pretty beautiful work but if you missed it, don’t worry, I’ve got it recaped on :

SYTYCD S9E2 recap.

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