Holiday Trend: Lash Attack

16 Dec

Jennifer Lopez wears mink lashes

Are you looking for a way to bring your look to the next level this holiday season? Eyelash extensions are the perfect trick to shape your face from civilian to A-Lister. Whether you get a Hollywood glamour full set or a natural looking fresh eye-lifting half set, you’ll flutter your eyes awake every morning with a new va va voom to your day.

How It’s Done

Each synthetic lash is attached to your own natural lash by an adhesive.  Because the synthetic lashes are attached to your natural ones it gives almost a photoshoped version of you in everyday life; you’re working with the natural goods but you’ve just been oomphed up a bit for display. The application is a bit of a timely procedure, usually taking between 1-2 hours.

Before / After images pulled from Flirt Hamilton’s website

There is a downside to your new wonder-watt lashes, each individualized lash follows the life cycle of the natural lash it’s attached to. According to different boutiques you’ll generally want a “refill”, or “re-lash”, about every 3 weeks.

I’m addicted, what now?

Pain is beauty — well not in this case, unless you’re pained by how expensive it is, in which case the saying holds true.  At a lash-extension certified boutique the application and maintenance is pretty pricey. Since it’s a procedure that involves tweezer-point-precision, eye-friendly adhesives, and synthetic substances being strapped to your lashes, you don’t exactly want to cheap out for a lesser product.

So lets break it down…

A half set is about 35-40 lashes per eye and costs on average about $100 for the initial application. But as mentioned above, you’ll need a re-lash about every 3 weeks. A half set re-lash will cost about $55. So when all is said and done you’ll be paying roughly $980 a year to have and maintain your half-set of lashes (tips not included).

So now you’re so lusty over your half-set that you want to take it to the next level… A full set application is about 80-90 lashes per eye and costs roughly $200 for the initial application. Your re-lash every three weeks will cost about $68.  To apply and maintain a full set of lash extensions it will cost you about $1288 a year (no tips included).

pst! psst! love your half set, want a little more, but not ready for the commitment of a full set? Well most studios offer different in between half-full set options.

Who’s doing it?

The Kardashian girls, Kim – Kourtney – Khloe, all wear eyelash extensions…click for a larger view!

Everyone in Hollywood is doing it… Perhaps some of the most noted lashes are those of the Kardashian clan. Other celebs, mentioned on different salon websites, include:  Nicole Kidman,Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell, many “real house wives” across america, Ashley Green (twilight), Megan Fox, Miss Canadas and Americas, fashion journalists, fox journalists, and the list goes on and on.

psst! There are all sorts of fake lash extensions, synthetic, silk, mink, and the list goes on. All of the above prices are for the commonly used baseline synthetic lash extensions.  

Where can I get it done?  

Flirt Custom Lash Studio

Toronto (to name a few):
Winks Eyelash Boutique | Spa
MYNC {lash lounge & brow bar}
Lash & Beauty Lounge

Gentle Touch skin & laser centers

Taylor Swift with her winged out lash extensions

❤ RL


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